30 Stunning Music Themed Wallpapers

30 Stunning Music Themed Wallpapers

There are hundreds of different types of music and there is certainly a category of music for everyone to enjoy. Music is so much more than just words coming from a mouth or sounds coming from instruments – it is art in its own way. And just as people have different opinions about art, people have different opinions about music. In this showcase you will find only the best music themed wallpapers. All are quite different one an other to make sure you find something you like to garnish your desktop with.

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01. Groovy Record

Groovy Record wallpaper

02. Music Panels

Music Panels wallpaper

03. Music Man

Music Man wallpapers

04. Notes

Notes wallpaper

05. The Temple of Music

The Temple of Music wallpaper

06. Swing Music

Swing Music wallpaper

07. Enjoying some music..

Enjoying some music wallpaper

08. Make Music NOT Missiles

Make Music NOT Missiles wallpaper

09. My Music

My Music wallpaper

10. Music That Grows On You

Music That Grows On You wallpaper

11. Volume

Volume wallpaper

12. Volume Color

Volume color wallpaper

13. Music Band

Music Band wallpaper

14. Autumn Music

Autumn Music wallpaper

15. Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar wallpaper

16. Headphones

Headphones wallpaper

17. Color Volume

Color Volume wallpaper

18. Microphone

Microphone wallpaper

19. Notes

Notes wallpaper

20. Mixing Board

Mixing board wallpaper

21. Listen

Listen wallpaper

22. Simple Notes

Simple Notes wallpaper

23. Piano

Piano wallpaper

24. Guitar Strings

Guitar Strings wallpaper

25. Weird

Weird wallpaper

26. Think Music

Think Music wallpaper

27. Old Records

Old Records wallpaper

28. Infinitive

Infinitive wallpaper

29. Spinning The Records

Spinning The Records wallpaper

30. Acoustic Strings

Acoustic Strings wallpaper

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