40 Brilliantly Designed Login and Sign Up Web FormsSheeva K

40 Brilliantly Designed Login and Sign Up Web Forms

Web forms are crucial for converting visitors into regular users, particularly for web communities, e-commerce and web applications. Designing a registration or sign up form is a bit different from a sign in or login form, as a registration form is the last link between turning a visitor into a user, so the final ‘sale’ …

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60 Awesome CSS3 Animation DemosSheeva K

60 Awesome CSS3 Animation Demos

Here is a compilation of over 60 CSS3 animation demos. They show you the possibilities of CSS3 transform and transition properties. Many are very useful and are a smart and faster replacement for a JavaScript approach. All of them look really good. For designers and developers CSS has long been a powerful part of the web design process, …

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80+ Modern Contact Form DesignsSheeva K

80+ Modern Contact Form Designs

Suggestions, comments and feedback about a product – or service – are essential. That’s how a company or a freelancer get to stay in touch with their user base. And if they’re any good, they know how to listen to the right feedback and implement it in their next product cycle. Tweets and Facebook comments play …

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70 Amazing Fresh iPhone Wallpaper CollectionSheeva K

70 Amazing Fresh iPhone Wallpaper Collection

This is a collection of 70 amazing iPhone wallpapers designed by fine and creative artist from around the world. We listed the most impressive, beautiful and outstanding wallpaper collections. In this post we cover nature, retro and vintage, illustrations, abstract, and space wallpaper designs. 1. Spontaneous Combustion iPhone wallpaper 2. Flying Kiss iPhone wallpaper 3. Butterfly …

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